I’m turning in early for tonight, I need the sleep.

But I think life really is getting better. I hope so anyway. I still miss her like crazy, I still think about talking with her, I still think about reading books with her and skyping for an hour a day and waking up to call her… And well, yeah, I miss it, but I know why it happened.

It was a stupid reason, but I know why.

Still, come Sunday, or her letter, I should know what we plan on doing. Right? I hope so. Because two years isn’t long at all. We have friends and school we can focus on. We can wait for two years for each other. I mean, Westley and Buttercup waited for five/three years and they ended up together! And she thought he was dead!

I understand the book was a satire, but it’s also a satire that says “Sure, life isn’t fair. Sometimes the bad things happen to good people.” But it also says, in it’s own subtle way that you can screw the ending you don’t like and give it your own ending!

So let’s go for the happily (but not perfectly) ever after. Or at least avoid the ending where Fezzik gets lost, Inigo’s wound opens up, Westley dies again, and Buttercup’s horse throws a shoe, okay hon? :]

So, like I said earlier. If you make a decision soon, I will abide by it as though it was law. Even if it doesn’t favor me.

But know this, I am capable of waiting for you. I’m currently toiling away because it was your last request to me. And because I promised you. So I promise you I can wait if you can.

Because honestly, no other girl could ever contend with you. I won’t even begin to lie, even if there were 7 billion people in the world, not a single girl could be kinder, nicer, more fun, sweeter, or more all around amazing and attractive as you. So hon, I am willing to wait.

Now, I’m gonna turn in, I’ll see if I dream again, because, really, I want you in my mind as I sleep as well as when I’m awake. It’s almost as good as having you like we used to.

Good night, Mia, everyone.

Signed with love, and not quite Mr. Ratburn,